Unleash Genomic Excellence with Illumina’s NovaSeq 6000

In the ever-evolving landscape of genomic research, the NovaSeq 6000 Sequencer emerges as a pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly blending user-centric design with unparalleled high-throughput sequencing capabilities. Tailored for laboratories seeking the forefront of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), the NovaSeq 6000 redefines efficiency, adaptability, and precision.


Seamless User Experience:

Elevate your genomics journey with the NovaSeq 6000—a beacon of user-centric design, ensuring a seamless and efficient sequencing experience. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace the simplicity of exploration.

Financial Liberation:

Break free from budget constraints without compromising on quality. The NovaSeq 6000 isn’t just a sequencer; it’s a liberator, offering a cost-effective solution that propels your laboratory into the forefront of NGS without compromise.

Unprecedented Throughput:

Ignite your research with unparalleled throughput capabilities. The NovaSeq 6000 is engineered to produce an astonishing [insert data] reads per run, making it the quintessential choice for high-throughput sequencing projects.

Adaptive Read Lengths:

Explore the diversity of genomics with read lengths extending up to [insert data] base pairs. The NovaSeq 6000 accommodates the intricate demands of genomic exploration, offering versatility for a multitude of research applications.

Key Features

User-Friendly Design:

Benchtop Sequencer: Tailored for ease of use, the MiSeq Sequencer ensures a straightforward and efficient sequencing experience.


Budget-Friendly Solution: Suited for laboratories with limited financial resources, the MiSeq provides a cost-effective entry into the world of NGS.

Performance Capacity:

Read Output: Capable of producing up to 15 million reads per run, facilitating high-throughput sequencing projects.

Read Lengths:

Versatile Read Lengths: With read lengths extending up to 300 base pairs, the MiSeq accommodates diverse genomic exploration needs.


Instrument configuration
  • Computer and touch screen display
  • Installation setup and accessories
  • Data collection and analysis software
Instrument control computer
  • Base Unit: Portwell WADE-8022 with Intel i7 4700EQ CPU
  • Memory: 2 × 8 GB DDR3L SODIMM
  • Hard Drive: None
  • Solid-State Drive: 256 GB mSATA
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Note: Computer configurations will be upgraded regularly; contact your local account manager for current configuration
Operating environment
  • Temperature: 19°C-25°C (22°C ±3°C), <2°C change per hour
  • Humidity: 20%-80% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Altitude: Below 2000 meters (6500 feet)
  • Ventilation: Maximum of 8530 BTU/h and average 6000 BTU/h
  • For Indoor Use Only
  • Wavelengths: 532 nm, 660 nm, 780 nm, 790 nm
  • W × D × H: 80.0 cm (31.5 in) × 94.5 cm (37.2 in) × 165.6 cm (65.2 in) with monitor
  • Weight: 481 kg (1059 lb), includes 3.5 kg (7.8 lb) for leak tray and 0.9 kg (2 lb) for keyboard and mouse
Crated Dimensions
  • Crated W×D×H: 92 cm × 120 cm × 118 cm
  • Crated Weight: 628 kg (1385 lb)
Power requirements
  • 200–240 VAC 50/60Hz, 16A, single phase, 2500 W
  • Illumina provides a region-specific uninterruptible power supply
Network connection
  • Dedicated 1 Gb connection between the instrument and data management system. Connect directly or through network
Bandwidth for network connection
  • 200 Mb/s/instrument for internal network uploads
  • 200 Mb/s/instrument for BaseSpace Sequence Hub uploads
  • 5 Mb/s/instrument for Instrument Operational Data uploads

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A global genomics leader, Illumina provides comprehensive next-generation sequencing solutions to the research, clinical, and applied markets. Illumina technology is responsible for generating more than 90% of the world’s sequencing data.* Through collaborative innovation, Illumina is fueling groundbreaking advancements in oncology, reproductive health, genetic disease, microbiology, agriculture, forensic science, and beyond.

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