AlloSeq Tx 9 & AlloSeq Tx 17 by CareDx: Navigating Genetic Landscapes for Transplant Precision

Embark on a journey into the precision of transplant genetics with AlloSeq Tx 9 and AlloSeq Tx 17 by CareDx. These advanced solutions transcend conventional boundaries, providing healthcare professionals with the power to explore the intricacies of transplant genetics at an unparalleled level of detail. Illuminate the genetic landscapes crucial for transplant success and unlock a deeper understanding of precision medicine in transplantation.

AlloSeq Tx 9 & AlloSeq Tx 17 serve as beacons for transformative discoveries in transplant medicine. Whether ensuring the compatibility of donors and recipients, mitigating the risk of rejection, or enhancing the success of transplant procedures, these tests are the key to unlocking new dimensions in genetic precision for transplant

High-Resolution Transplant Genetic Analysis:

AlloSeq Tx 9 & AlloSeq Tx 17 aren’t just tests; they are navigators for transplant genetic landscapes. Witness high-resolution genetic profiles, capturing the detailed information essential for transplant precision. Explore the genetic relationships that define compatibility and gain insights into the complexity of transplant genetic systems.

Comprehensive Transplant Genomic Exploration:

Elevate your transplant procedures with comprehensive insights into the genetic makeup of donors and recipients. These tests empower healthcare professionals to dissect the genetic heterogeneity, uncovering unique information crucial for successful transplants. From organ donation to transplantation, AlloSeq Tx tests offer a holistic view of transplant genetic precision.

Seamless Integration into Transplant Protocols:

From patient assessment to organ matching, AlloSeq Tx 9 & AlloSeq Tx 17 seamlessly integrate into transplant protocols. These tests ensure a user-friendly experience for healthcare professionals at every step of their transplant genetic journey.


Compatible with various tissue types, enabling genetic exploration across a broad spectrum of transplant scenarios.

Benefit Highlights

  • No long-range PCR inefficiencies and no artifacts or crossovers
  • Improved allele balance and reduced dropout rates
  • Easy single tube workflow with early indexing and sample pooling
  • Expanded gene content enabling the highest level of transplant matching
  • Fast import speed and optimized data analysis with AlloSeq Assign software
  • Allele level resolution with low rates of ambiguity
  • Maximum coverage of 17 loci including all exons for all genes
  • Improved handling with plated indices available with AlloSeq Tx 96 sample format