EmbryoMap, Pre-implantation Genetic Testing Aneuploidy from PGT-A by Vitrolife: Navigating Genetic Landscapes for Healthy Beginnings

Embark on a journey into genetic exploration with EmbryoMap, Pre-implantation Genetic Testing Aneuploidy from PGT-A by Vitrolife. This advanced testing solution transcends traditional boundaries, offering fertility specialists and expecting parents the power to navigate the genetic landscape of embryos. Illuminate the intricacies of genetic information and unlock a deeper understanding for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

EmbryoMap serves as a beacon for transformative discoveries in reproductive health. Whether ensuring the genetic health of embryos, mitigating the risk of genetic abnormalities, or enhancing the success of fertility treatments, this test is the key to unlocking new dimensions in genetic exploration for healthy pregnancies.

Genetic Landscape Mapping:

EmbryoMap isn’t just a test; it’s a navigator for the genetic landscape of embryos. Witness the mapping of chromosomal profiles, capturing the precise genetic information of embryos. Explore the relationships that define the genetic health of embryos and gain insights into the complexities of the embryonic genetic landscape.

Comprehensive Genetic Exploration:

Elevate your fertility journey with comprehensive insights into the genetic health of embryos. This testing solution empowers specialists to dissect the genetic makeup of embryos, uncovering any aneuploidies that may impact successful implantation. From fertility treatments to family planning, EmbryoMap offers a holistic view of genetic information for healthy beginnings.

Seamless Integration into Fertility Protocols:

From embryo selection to pre-implantation screening, EmbryoMap seamlessly integrates into fertility protocols. This testing solution ensures a user-friendly experience for fertility specialists and expecting parents at every step of their genetic exploration journey.


Compatible with various embryo types, enabling genetic exploration across a broad spectrum of biological specimens.

Product Highlights

Streamlined Workflow

The EmbryoMap Sample Prep Kit and the Illumina MiSeq Sequencing Reagents can be conveniently ordered under a single reference number.

eMap Data Analysis

The cloud-based eMap software tool enables run planning, sample tracking, data analysis and reporting


The cloud-based eMap software allows users to generate reports, enabling customised features to be incorporated