Microarray Kits By illumina


Low to high throughput, handles all single cell assays.


Enjoy economies of scale with larger-scope experiments

Easy to use

Simple upgrades, intuitive interface, direct support

Human Health Related

Infinium Global Screening Array

Enter the era of comprehensive genotyping with the Infinium Global Screening Array by Genotyping Array Kits from Illumina.

Infinium Asian Screening Array

Embark on a genetic exploration tailored for Asian populations with the Infinium Asian Screening Array from Genotyping Array Kits by Illumina

Infinium Global Diversity Array

Embark on a global genetic expedition with the Infinium Global Diversity Array from Genotyping Array Kits by Illumina

Infinium MethylationEPIC

A genome-wide methylation screening kit that targets more than 935,000 markers in the human metallome region, compatible with various types of DNA samples including FFPE.

Infinium Methylation Screening Array

A very comprehensive microarray kit with marker content related to biological traits and other exposures related to an EWAS-based disease. 

Specific Microarray Solution for Human Health

Illumina has microarray kits that can be used to conduct enabling neuroscience research from a molecular perspective. Infinium Neuro Consortium Array – A screening bead technology with ~180,000 markers focused on characterizing neurodegenerative diseases.

Infinium CytoSNP-850K has coverage of cytogenetically relevant genes. The kit’s gene list is compiled based on content from the International Collaboration for Clinical Genomics (ICCG) and Cancer Genomics Consortium (CGC). It has 850,000 SNPs covering 3,262 genes from ICCG and CGC.

The Infinium ImmunoArray-24 v2 BeadChip is a genotyping array for detecting genetic variation in the human immune system, covering more than 250,000 immune marker SNPs, and focusing on 17 major autoimmune disorders with new selected content produced by the GWAS-based immunology research community for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

The Infinium OncoArray-500K was developed in collaboration with leading experts from the consortium utilizing features from the successful Collaborative Oncological Gene-environment Study (iCOGS) array covering 500,000 SNPs to reveal genetic variants associated with various cancers including heredity, quantitative traits, pharmacogenetics, and mapping of common cancer susceptibility loci.

Non Human Related

Infinium XT

Infinium XT offers large-scale genetic enhancement solutions in agrigenomics and supports high-throughput screening for biobank needs to targeted treatment initiation. Workflow is highly efficient and flexible on iScan instruments