Illuminate Your Genomic Insights with Illumina’s iScan

In the tapestry of genomic exploration, the iScan from Illumina emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a seamless blend of precision and efficiency. Tailored for laboratories delving into the intricacies of genomics or operating under budget constraints, the iScan stands as a versatile solution that transcends conventional boundaries.

The iScan isn’t just a scanner; it’s a reliable partner for laboratories embracing genomic technology without compromise. Its seamless operation and substantial scanning capacity position it as an asset for a variety of genomic research applications.

Whether you’re embarking on your first journey into genomics or managing limited financial resources, the iScan stands as a valuable solution, empowering your laboratory to unlock the potential of genomics with efficiency and affordability. Illuminate the path to discovery with the iScan from Illumina.

Streamlined User Experience:

Elevate your genomic journey with the iScan—a testament to user-centric design that ensures a straightforward and efficient sequencing experience. Navigating the complexities of genomics has never been this intuitive.

Budget-Savvy Excellence:

Break free from financial constraints without compromising the depth of your research. The iScan isn’t just a scanner; it’s a budget-savvy solution, providing laboratories with a cost-effective entry into the world of genomic exploration.

Unrivaled Performance:

Ignite your research projects with unparalleled performance capabilities. The iScan is engineered to deliver exceptional results, facilitating high-throughput sequencing projects with ease and precision.

Versatile Scanning Capability:

Explore the diversity of genomic exploration with the iScan’s versatile scanning capabilities. It adapts to your research needs, offering the flexibility to unravel the intricacies of various genomic applications.

Since the launch of the first Infinium™ array, Illumina’s trusted BeadArray technology has been used to push the boundaries of everything from agrigenomics to precision medicine research. Hear why customers prefer Illumina’s cost-effective and highly scalable microarray platform.

Array scanner for extensive applications

Extensive Applications

Empower your research with a high-precision scanner that supports an extensive range of array applications. The iScan System supports our broad portfolio of innovative genetic analysis assays for genome-wide or targeted genotyping, methylation profiling, and cytogenetic analysis.

Exceptional Data Quality with Advanced Imaging

The iScan System uses advanced laser and optics components to offer sub-micron resolution and maximize throughput rates. The result is rapid scan times without sacrificing data quality and reproducibility. With high call rates, sensitive measurement, and wide dynamic range, the iScan system reliably produces exceptional data quality.

Flexible, Scalable System

Scanners and components are modular, creating a tunable system that can be configured to match virtually any scale of project. Automating assay processing with a liquid-handling robot and Autoloader 2.x reduces hands-on time and enables scanning to occur 24 hours per day.