Illumina Microbial Amplicon Prep: Precision Unleashed in Infectious Disease Research

Step into the future of infectious disease research with the Illumina Microbial Amplicon Prep from the Infectious Disease Kits by Illumina. This revolutionary solution redefines the boundaries of microbial analysis, providing researchers and clinicians with a powerful tool to unravel the complexities of microbial communities with unprecedented precision.

The Illumina Microbial Amplicon Prep is not merely a kit; it’s a game-changer in infectious disease research. Whether delving into microbial diversity in environmental samples or characterizing pathogens in clinical specimens, this kit empowers researchers to uncover crucial insights for more effective disease management.

Illuminate the path to breakthrough discoveries with the precision of the Illumina Microbial Amplicon Prep. Transform your infectious disease research with a tool designed to redefine the boundaries of microbial analysis.

  • Environmental Samples
  • Clinical Specimens
  • Microbial Cultures

This adaptability across sample types positions the Microbial Amplicon Prep as a versatile solution for a wide range of infectious disease research applications.

Unparalleled Microbial Insight:

The Microbial Amplicon Prep transcends conventional microbial analysis, offering an unparalleled level of insight into microbial communities. From bacteria to fungi, this kit empowers researchers to explore the intricate dynamics that shape infectious diseases.

Versatile Applications in Research:

Tailored for research excellence, this kit is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for innovation. It adapts to various research scenarios, enabling the exploration of microbial diversity in diverse samples, from environmental to clinical settings.

Diagnostic Support and Surveillance:

Beyond research, the Microbial Amplicon Prep serves as a robust diagnostic support and surveillance tool. Detecting and characterizing microbial populations with precision, it becomes an essential asset in understanding, monitoring, and managing infectious diseases.


Product Highlights

Illumina Microbial Amplicon Prep (IMAP)


The IMAP kit is a complete custom amplicon library preparation kit based on the popular COVIDSeq Assay. It is designed to expand the discovery power of microbiology and infectious disease research. 

Illumina Microbial Amplicon Prep—Influenza A/B (IMAP-Flu)

The IMAP-Flu kit is a streamlined library preparation solution for accurate whole genome sequencing and characterization of influenza viruses. The kit includes optimized primers designed to provide extensive genome-wide sequence coverage across both influenza A and B virus genomes. 

DRAGEN™ Targeted Microbial App (DTMA)


IMAP and IMAP-Flu seamlessly integrate with the DRAGEN Targeted Microbial App. Accessible through BaseSpace™ Sequence Hub, this easy-to-use and interactive data analysis software serves to simplify analysis, making it easy to perform consensus genome generation, variant identification, and variant interpretation