Infinium Asian Screening Array by Illumina: Unveiling the Genetic Tapestry of Asian Populations with Precision Genotyping

Embark on a genetic exploration tailored for Asian populations with the Infinium Asian Screening Array from Genotyping Array Kits by Illumina. This state-of-the-art genotyping array is crafted to deliver unparalleled insights into the genetic diversity of Asian communities, setting new standards for precision genotyping.

The Infinium Asian Screening Array stands as a beacon for researchers seeking to explore the genetic nuances of Asian populations. Whether investigating disease susceptibilities or conducting large-scale genotyping projects, this array is the compass that guides you through the rich and diverse genetic tapestry of Asian communities.

  • DNA Samples

This array seamlessly integrates into your research workflow, accepting DNA samples with ease and ensuring a user-friendly experience for researchers.

Precision Tailored for Asian Genomes:

The Infinium Asian Screening Array isn’t just a genotyping array; it’s a precision instrument designed specifically for Asian genomes. With markers strategically selected for relevance to Asian populations, this array provides a nuanced understanding of genetic variations unique to these diverse communities.

High-Resolution Genotyping:

Elevate your genotyping endeavors with high-resolution precision. The array’s advanced design ensures an in-depth analysis of genetic markers, empowering researchers to unravel the subtleties of Asian genetic landscapes with unprecedented clarity.

Comprehensive Insights Across Applications:

From population-specific research to disease association studies, this genotyping array is a versatile powerhouse for a multitude of applications. Uncover insights into genetic predispositions, ancestry, and more, making it an invaluable tool for researchers pioneering breakthroughs in Asian genomics.


Product Highlights

East Asian Genomic Coverage

The array was built using an East Asian reference panel containing 9000 whole-genome sequences. It includes coverage of populations underrepresented in the 1000 Genomes Project.

Widespread Adoption

The Infinium Asian Screening Array builds on the success of the Infinium Global Screening Array, which was developed by a community of researchers, healthcare networks, direct to consumer companies, and service providers. Illumina screening arrays have been widely adopted, with over 20 million samples ordered by a global community of users.

Clinical Research and Disease-Related Content

The array provides a genomic tool for disease risk profiling, pharmacogenomics research, wellness and lifestyle reporting, and complex disease research. It includes updated markers from clinical databases, including ClinVar and PharmGKB.