Xenium In Situ Panels by 10x Genomics: Illuminating Genomic Landscapes at Single-Cell Resolution

Enter the realm of spatial genomics with Xenium In Situ Panels by 10x Genomics. This innovative kit transcends traditional boundaries, providing researchers with the power to explore gene expression patterns within intact tissues at unparalleled single-cell resolution. Illuminate the intricacies of cellular interactions and unlock a deeper understanding of complex biological systems.

Xenium In Situ Panels serve as a beacon for transformative discoveries. Whether mapping the spatial distribution of immune cells in tumors, unraveling tissue-specific gene expression patterns, or exploring the spatial dynamics of developmental processes, this kit is the key to unlocking new dimensions in spatial genomics.

Compatible with various tissue types, enabling spatial exploration across a broad spectrum of biological specimens.

Single-Cell Resolution In Situ Analysis:

The Xenium In Situ Panels aren’t just tools; they are navigators for your cellular terrain. Witness gene expression profiles within intact tissues, capturing the spatial context of individual cells. Explore the spatial relationships that define cellular neighborhoods and gain insights into the complexity of biological systems.

Comprehensive Spatial Genomic Exploration:

Elevate your research with comprehensive insights into the spatial organization of gene activity. This kit empowers researchers to dissect the spatial heterogeneity of tissues, uncovering unique cellular functions and interactions. From development to disease, Xenium In Situ Panels offer a holistic view of spatial genomics.

Seamless Workflow Integration:

From sample preparation to spatial data analysis, Xenium In Situ Panels offer a streamlined workflow. These panels seamlessly integrate into your laboratory processes, ensuring a user-friendly experience for researchers at every step of their spatial genomics journey.