Visium Spatial Gene Expression by 10x Genomics: Unleashing the Power of Spatial Transcriptomics for Spatially Resolved Genomic Insights

Embark on a journey to unveil the spatial dimension of gene expression with Visium Spatial Gene Expression by 10x Genomics. This cutting-edge kit transcends traditional transcriptomics, allowing researchers to explore gene expression within the intricate context of tissue architecture. Revolutionize your understanding of biology by discovering the spatial organization of gene activity.

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression kit stands as a beacon for spatial discoveries. Whether exploring the cellular composition of complex tissues, deciphering spatially distinct cellular functions, or unraveling the heterogeneity within tumors, this kit is the key to unlocking transformative insights in spatial genomics.

Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics:

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression kit isn’t just a tool; it’s a spatial explorer for your genes. Witness gene expression patterns in their native tissue context, gaining insights into the spatial organization of cells and uncovering the spatial relationships that define cellular interactions.

Comprehensive Spatial Genomic Insights:

Elevate your research with a spatially informed perspective. This kit empowers researchers to understand how gene expression varies across different regions of tissues, providing a comprehensive view of the spatial landscape and enabling new discoveries in cell biology, development, and disease.

Seamless Workflow Integration:

From sample preparation to spatial data analysis, the Visium Spatial Gene Expression kit offers a streamlined workflow. This kit seamlessly integrates into your laboratory processes, ensuring a user-friendly experience for researchers at every step of the spatial genomics journey.

Compatible with various tissue types, providing spatially resolved transcriptomic insights across a diverse range of biological specimens.

Product Highlights

Access more sample types

Compatible with both FFPE and fresh frozen tissue samples.

Whole tissue section profiling

No need to select regions of interest—analyze the whole transcriptome from an entire section.

High cellular resolution

1–10 cell resolution on average per spot depending on tissue type.

Diverse sample compatibility

Demonstrated data on a diverse set of organs across species (human, mouse, rat, and more).

Protein co-detection

Combine whole transcriptome spatial analysis with immunofluorescence protein detection.

Streamlined data analysis

Combine histological and gene expression data with easy-to-use software.