Redefine Spatial Genomics with Precision: Introducing Visium CytAssist from 10x Genomics

In the dynamic world of genomic exploration, the Visium CytAssist by 10x Genomics emerges as a beacon of innovation, designed to seamlessly elevate your Spatial Genomics experience. Tailored for laboratories seeking precision and efficiency in spatial transcriptomics, Visium CytAssist transcends conventional boundaries to empower your research endeavors.

Visium CytAssist is more than a device; it’s a catalyst for laboratories looking to embrace spatial genomics without compromise. Its seamless operation and substantial capabilities position it as an indispensable asset for a variety of spatial genomic research applications.

Whether you’re venturing into spatial genomics for the first time or managing limited financial resources, Visium CytAssist from 10x Genomics stands as a valuable solution, empowering your laboratory to unlock the full potential of spatial genomics with efficiency and affordability. Redefine the boundaries of spatial genomics with Visium CytAssist—your key to a new era of discovery.

Spatial Precision Unleashed:

Immerse yourself in a new era of spatial genomics with Visium CytAssist—meticulously crafted for unparalleled precision in spatial transcriptomics. Explore the intricate details of cellular landscapes with cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.

User-Centric Design:

More than a tool, Visium CytAssist is your reliable companion, boasting a user-centric design that ensures a straightforward and efficient spatial genomics experience. Navigate the complexities of spatial transcriptomics with ease and confidence.

Cost-Efficient Excellence:

Break free from financial constraints without compromising the depth of your spatial genomics research. Visium CytAssist is not just an instrument; it’s a commitment to affordable excellence, empowering laboratories of all sizes to delve into the world of spatial transcriptomics.

Versatile Application:

Adapt to the diverse needs of spatial exploration with Visium CytAssist’s versatile capabilities. Whether unraveling tissue heterogeneity or studying spatial patterns, this powerful tool accommodates a myriad of spatial genomic research applications.


Bridging histology and genomics

The Visium CytAssist is a compact instrument designed to simplify the Visium workflow by facilitating the transfer of transcriptomic probes from standard glass slides to Visium slides, enabling whole transcriptomic spatial profiling insights across your entire tissue section, and expanded compatibility with FFPE and/or FF samples.

Powerful platform for spatial discovery

Simplified sample management

It all starts with a slide. The Visium CytAssist enables users to start with tissue on standard glass slides, allowing input tissue to be prepared, stained, and imaged using standard histology workflows.

Expanded sample access

Compatible with H&E or immunofluorescence stained FFPE or FF tissue sections, the CytAssist instrument allows you to use pre-sectioned and pre-stained tissues with 6.5 x 6.5 mm or 11 x 11 mm Visium Capture Area slides.

Maximized spatial insights

Prescreen tissue sections, and then use the instrument for precise manual alignment of tissue section onto Visium Capture Areas, enabling you to see more of the tissue you care about.