Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression by 10x Genomics: Illuminating the Complexity of Cellular Diversity with Precision Single-Cell Analysis

Step into the future of genomics with the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression kit by 10x Genomics. This revolutionary kit transcends traditional bulk analysis, allowing researchers to delve into the intricacies of cellular diversity at the single-cell level, unlocking a new era in understanding the complexity of biological systems.

Single-Cell Resolution Precision:

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression kit isn’t just a tool; it’s a microscope for your genes. With single-cell resolution, researchers can explore the unique gene expression profiles of individual cells, uncovering hidden nuances within heterogeneous cell populations that were once indiscernible.

Unprecedented Cellular Insights:

Elevate your research with unparalleled cellular insights. This kit provides a comprehensive view of cellular diversity, allowing researchers to unravel the mysteries of cell types, states, and transitions, contributing to a deeper understanding of biological processes and disease mechanisms.

Seamless Workflow Integration:

From sample preparation to data analysis, the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression kit offers a streamlined workflow. The kit seamlessly integrates into your laboratory processes, ensuring a user-friendly experience for researchers at every step of the single-cell journey.


Various sample types compatible, including cell suspensions and dissociated tissues.

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression kit stands as a beacon for researchers navigating the complex landscape of cellular diversity. Whether investigating rare cell populations, deciphering developmental processes, or exploring disease heterogeneity, this kit is the key to unlocking transformative insights at the single-cell level.

Product Highlights

Single cell resolution at scale

Capture the full heterogeneity of a sample, in hundreds of thousands of cells.

Multiomic cellular readout

Measure 3’ mRNA, cell surface proteins, CRISPR perturbations, and more.

Solutions for any scale

From low-throughput pilot experiments to million-cell studies, find the kit that fits your needs.

Streamlined data analysis

Explore and interpret single cell gene expression profiles with easy-to-use software.

One-day lab workflow

From sample to sequencing-ready library in one day, with flexible options for automated workflows.

Diverse sample compatibility

Demonstrated on fixed, fresh, and frozen samples, as well as whole cells and nuclei.